Why I will NOT have a career as a Dog Groomer…

It all started with the following text conversation with my son:

Josh: “Mocha has a big chunk of hair out of her back its like a bald spot”.

Me:  “ewww weird.. I’ll look at it when I get home”

Josh: “no, it’s Katy’s fault, she cut the knot out”

Me: “oh ok”

This is "after"... still scruffy, but clean.

then Katy jumped in

Katy: “I ruined your dog LOL”

Here’s the thing with my dog.. she has not been properly groomed in ages. I can’t even remember the last time.. (spring???)   See, the problem is that my friend Rayna moved away.  Rayna is the person who introduced me to Mocha… she’s known her longer than I have.. and pretty much the only one that I think can “handle” her.  Mocha has issues. She’s not the friendliest dog in the world sometimes and quite frankly, I’m afraid to take her to anyone else.

(Please note that this is not a post to guilt Rayna into getting into her car and driving for 5 hours merely to groom my dog.. however, if she chooses to do that, I’m certainly not going to say no….)

So… the last time she was groomed was when Rayna still lived in Cambridge.. months ago.. so since then, I’ve let Mocha go kinda “rasta”.. she’s half poodle and half terrier and so has some crazy curly hair and some shedding hair. And needless to say, she was getting pretty ratty looking.

But let’s not lose sight of the point of this post. This is all Katy’s fault.

When I got back to the house, Mocha was missing a big clump of hair on her back. Earlier in the day I was thinking there was no way she could look more scruffy.. I was wrong.

Which led to today’s events.

Looking at my scraggly mutt, I decided that it was a good idea to trim her motley coat.  I got out the scissors and started clipping away in an attempt to make her look less raggedy. Once again, I was wrong.  It was also not a great idea to do this while she was laying on my bed as this is a relatively messy procedure.

I alternated brushing and clipping while Mocha tried to worm away from me and occasionally tried to nip at me. She really does not enjoy the brushing and grooming. That is actually an understatement. She HATES it.

Soon my bed was covered in fur and Mocha was really wrestling to get away.. so what to do? Of course, bath her.

Now, if there’s one thing she hates more than brushing, it’s bathing. I wrestled her into the tub and soaked her down. And she shook and sprayed me and the entire bathroom.  I lathered her up… and she shook and covered me in soap, water and bubbles. *sigh*  I scrubbed her down as best as I could while struggling not to slip and fall on top of her in the tub.  Good times.

Finally, I rinsed her off.  And waited until she shook to take her out of the tub. And waited. And so did she.  She waited until I was bent over her trying to dry her with the towel until she finally shook. And drenched me. I was wetter than the dog. Awesome.

Mocha then proceeded to run around the house rolling around and “air drying”.  And of course, driving me crazy.

When she dried out some it was obvious that I do not have a future career as a dog groomer.  Still scruffy looking… but the bald patch was a little less noticeable. And at least she smells good.

I think Katy owes me.  Large.  She can pay me in wine.

Life: Getting better every day!
Love: I still love Katy even though she ruined my dog. LOL
Pants: Looser!

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