Have You Ever Ever Lost An Elephant?

I’m going out to buy a record player today. Yes, I am cutting edge.

I’ve kept only one toy from my childhood.. a brown stuffed dog named Jingles.  The pup was a gift on my fifth birthday from my Grandmother… and was my cherished companion every night when I slept.  Many nights I cuddled Jingles.. whispering secrets.. sometimes a few tears…MMRecordPlayer2

Jingles disappeared at one point around the time I was about 30.  I figured it would turn up eventually.. somewhere in the house.  Around the same time, one of my daughter’s first toys.. a small black lamb named “Bobby” (get it? Baaaaaabby…)  also went missing. Despite many searches, they remained lost.

Flash forward five years.. one day I was taking my son Josh to school and was having a chat with his grade 2 teacher when I looked down at the toy shelf.. and there was Jingles!  “That’s my dog!” I exclaimed and went on to “prove” it.. one of Jingles eyes was chipped.. and he had a wire inside him to hold his shape.. it was still bent inside from my many nights of cuddling…

And sitting beside Jingles… was Bobby!!

Mrs. Hardy and I figured out that Katy brought the toys for show and tell and forgot them. They had been sitting in her class ever since.. being played with by countless children over the course of 5 years..  Thankfully, Mrs. Hardy let me take both toys back.. Obviously, we were meant to get Jingles and Bobby back…. Katy and both have these precious childhood souvenirs on display in our respective bedrooms.

Twice recently I had occasion to talk about another childhood toy.. the Mickey Mouse record player.

My sisters and I received it for Christmas from Santa one year along with 100 kids 45’s .. we had picked it out ourselves whilst browsing through the Sears Wish Book. That Santa is SMRT.

We’d play all the records.. and dance around..

My youngest sister, Lara, was very fond of the record player and would play music all day long while Barb and I were at school.  In particular, Lara enjoyed “The Elephant Song”.  She would play the  same 45 over, and over, and over…. again.  My mother drew little elephants on the label so that Lara would know which record it was..

This song has special  notoriety in my family as a result.. .when we were much younger, the three of us started “performing” the song for our cousins and such amid much laughter. There’s a musical interlude in the song.. and when singing it at one point for said relatives, when we got to that part, we elected to insert a “nose solo”. It brought the house down.

As a result of our unique singing ability, my sisters and I have been coerced into singing said musical masterpiece at various family functions.. particularly weddings…. the nose solo is still the highlight of the tune.

So twice in the last week the subject of the infamous Elephant Song and the Mickey Mouse Record player has come up. I’ve never been able to find this song on the interwebs.. and I’ve never run across anyone else who’s even heard of the song.. until I sing it for them in my most operatic  vibrato…  Katy and I even performed the song one evening for her boyfriend… and yes, he lost it at the nose solo….

I was out for a walk yesterday and while waltzing down King Street I looked into a store window… and there it was!! The Mickey Mouse record player!  Mickey’s outstretched arm across the turntable as if he was pointing at me.. “Beth! Look! It’s your old pal Mickey!”

I am a huge believer in “signs”.. and this one was certainly directed at me.  On the turntable? No, not the elephant song, but a 45 about “Meditation and Self Realization”… message noted, Universe.

I’ve been re-evaluating and soul searching and working on various self improvement for a while now.. and I certainly believe this message was aimed directly at me.. plus, the thought of that record player and the joy it brought us brings back many happy memories..

I had dogs with me, so couldn’t go in… I called the store later in the day and yes, it’s for sale. I’m going to get it today… and perhaps look through their 45’s for the aforementioned paean to pachyderms…

I’ve never, ever lost an elephant… but I did lose my stuffed dog once.. but more importantly, I’m continually finding out more about myself every day.

The Elephant Song
Have you ever ever lost an elephant? It’s really quite a silly thing to do
But there’s something even sillier.. and that is losing two
And that’s what we have done today.. Arthur and Celeste have run away..
Their mother’s crying and worried so… oh where oh where did our elephants go?
We have lost 2 little elephants.. we’re looking north and south and east and west..
for two thousand pounds of dear little elephants.. named Arthur and Celeste.
(insert nose solo)
And that’s what we have done today.. Arthur and Celeste have run away..
Their mother’s crying and worried so… oh where oh where did our elephants go?
We have lost 2 little elephants.. we’re looking north and south and east and west..
for two thousand pounds of dear little elephants.. named Arthur and Celeste…
Arthur and Celeste….
Arthur and Celeste…..Arthur! Celeste!….

Life: The universe is conspiring on my behalf
Love: I love when interesting things happen
Pants: Walking a lot every day.. for exercise and for the adventures!

18 responses to “Have You Ever Ever Lost An Elephant?

  1. jennifer campbell

    I am glad you are listening to the universe and hearing all her great plans for you. xx00xx00

  2. Don’t you love it when the cherished past reminds you it’s still there?

    These past few days some of my cherished memories have been brought back to me as well.

  3. thanks! that was a great read. I don’t remember the elephant song but would love to hear the nose solo!

  4. Oh my gosh….I had that 45…with the picture sleeve!!! And I would play it on my red Kenner Close and Play. I think I still have the 45 somewhere….sure wish I had the Close and Play. Arthur….Celeste….Arthur….Celeste!

  5. I had The Elephant Song on a 45 and a cheap kid’s record player to play it on when I was a kid. I was reminded of the song reading a Babar book to my youngest child the other night. I’d love to find an mp3 of this song.

  6. I have TRIED! No kidding. However, I DO remember all the words.. perhaps I should re-record it.. LMAO

  7. Any luck finding the elephant song online yet?


  8. I’m looking for the song online as well. I was singing it to my astounded and horrified teenagers this morning and decided they NEEDED to hear it. No luck. But I did find this blog which comforts me somewhat. 🙂

  9. Oh wow I know the Elephant Song your talking about I used to listem to this song with a special friend when we were kids, I haven heard from this friend in a long long time and i too have tring to find this song.

  10. My sister used to own this 45. We listened to it as kids and laughed at it’s inherent sillyness – the timing and phrasing of the lyrics…’We have lost two little elephants’. She played it on a tiny closeable record player, just like the rest of these bloggers did in the 60’s. And now we hunt for this record – looking North and South and East and West :-).

  11. My sisters and I loved that record when we were kids. We have also searched for it and can’t find it. We still sing it! We were searching when we found your post.

  12. I am so happy to finally find this! I, too, had the Elephant Song record. My late mother used to put on the other side, which was a march of some sort, while she cleaned to keep her going. Can you send me a message with the name of the artist? Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories!

  13. PS – I had two cats in a row that were named . . . you guessed it – ARTHUR AND CELESTE!

  14. can somebody upload the song. My name is Babar.I remember the song when I was a kid three years old. My mom bought me the 45. I really hope somebody can upload it onto YouTube. My email is : BKguitar@Hotmail.com. I would sure appreciate playing it to the kids…

  15. Did You Ever Ever Lose An Elephant by Gisele MacKenzie

  16. Oh, That is soo sweet. Thanks to whoever posted the song. Thanks Beth for writing about this on your blog. I was just thinking about that song today. of course I googled it and this is what I found. Instant gratification. Thanks. Now I can share this with my grandson. I had this record in the 70’s.

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