The Luckiest Girl in the World

Today was a strange anniversary of sorts… the 15th Anniversary of the day I was cut out of a car.  I reflect and celebrate this day every year.

In October 1994 I found out I was pregnant with our second child.. I told my husband on our anniversary.. October 6th.  That weekend we went to my parents for dinner… told them I was pregnant again .. and we went to the movies (went to see True Lies…)  And… my car was stolen from the parking lot of the Centre Mall in Hamilton, Ontario (yeah yeah, cracks about the Hammer.. I’ve heard ’em all…).


We're survivors. And good looking too... LOL

On the plus side, we got a ride home in a police car.. on the downside, we lost my briefcase, some golfclubs.. five year old Katy lost her “bra” .. she was quite upset.. oh, and the car.

The car.. my little red 1990 Dodge Shadow.. was found about a week later and we towed it to Waterloo to get fixed up. All in all it was gone about a month.. and on November 1, 1994 I went to Gary’s Automotive to pick up my newly restored vehicle.

It was AWESOME! All clean and repainted and pretty and shampooed.. I sat in the parking lot for a bit waiting for the car to defog and just getting used to it.. then headed out of the parking lot.

I drove about a block and stopped at the sign.. it’s a funny intersection where the stop sign is before the corner and there’s a bunch of trees… I stopped at the sign very carefully as there were new brakes on the car… then started through the intersection… and was suddenly slammed by another car.

I literally didn’t see what hit me. Tires screeching, glass shattering.. the awful crashing sound… I spun 180 degrees and ended up across the street on the lawn of a business.

People came running.. I didn’t appear to be bleeding… but the back of my head hurt.. I had been hit on the driver’s side and I was practically in the middle of the car.  All I could think about was that I was eight weeks pregnant… and would the baby be okay.

One of the women who came to help asked who she could call.. I gave her my husband’s number.. the paramedics arrived. I was in shock.

The firefighter told me I’d have to be cut out of the car. I asked him to pass me my purse.  He said I didn’t need it, but I insisted. I dug through it and handed him a piece of gum.  He had AWFUL breath. (I told you, I was in shock).

I told them that I was pregnant. … They cut me out, put me on a backboard and in an ambulance and to the hospital.  They took the fellow who hit me too.. another mechanic testing the brakes on a car (guess they weren’t working so great…) He had a large gash in his head.. he hadn’t been wearing a seatbelt and hit the windshield.

My husband showed up at the hospital and the first thing he said to me was “if you’re going to have a car accident every time you get pregnant, we’re not having any more kids”.. I had had a minor fender bender while pregnant with Katy…. I laughed.  Then I cried. I was terrified. And covered in glass.

They wanted to xray me but could not due to the pregnancy..  they checked me out.. but they gave me an ultrasound which showed the baby’s heartbeat.. and then tried to get me to stand at which point I screamed out in pain. I had fractured my pelvis at my right hip.  Consequently I was bedridden for weeks and had to walk with crutches and a cane for a long time… and no drugs because of the baby. I was fine with that. As long as my baby was safe.

It was a difficult pregnancy as a result.. and then the delivery of the baby was fraught with problems and I had to have an emergency Caesarean section. He nearly died. I nearly died.

But we didn’t.  Joshua Sade James Warren is now a wonderful 14 year old boy… well, as wonderful as 14 year old boys can be.

He’s hilariously funny.. and I thank God every single day that we both lived through our ordeal.  Because it could have been much much worse.

So, this morning I gave him a hug and told him what day it was and that I loved him and that I was SO thankful that he was an irritating, smart ass,  pain in the butt teenager. And he told me he loved me too. Then he played “Mortal Combat”. Again. And did not watch his language.

Later in the day Josh and I were trying to heave some pumpkins into a large refuse container and not having a ton of luck.. (it’s very tall).. we would throw them and miss and they would nearly hit us ….but we were laughing our heads off..  Then we were headed out.. and  once we got into the car realized that Josh had stepped in dog crap.. so we had to pull over so he could freak out and clean off his shoe.

He got quite upset over his little accident.. but I reminded him that in the scheme of things.. it was really inconsquential. And he agreed. But still complained a bit.

As many challenges as life throws my way, I know I’m up for them.  I could be dead. I could not be mother to one of the most wonderful people in the world (please keep in mind that my daughter is also one of those..)

I have my beautiful children… my health.. I no longer walk with a limp (although the hip does pain me on occasion..).. and I have a wonderful life.

And therefore, I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Life: All good baby!
Love: Here’s your answer
Pants: Looser! All good…

17 responses to “The Luckiest Girl in the World

  1. Thank you for sharing this. What a wonderful tribute to yourself and your son.

    Life is hard and can be painful but it’s all so worth it, don’t you think?

  2. A lucky hug from an Italian enchanted reader of your lucky post.

  3. I’m so glad you’re celebrating, and you’ve shared you story so the rest of the world can celebrate, too.

    Happy anniversary. 🙂

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  5. That’s a fascinating, scary, and motivational story Beth and thanks for sharing it! But I’m pretty sure your son wouldn’t be happy reading this post and knowing his mom spelled “Mortal Combat” with a “C”… “Come on Mom, really!” 🙂 See you again soon! –Paul

  6. Beth such a wonderful story – I had goosebumps. Your children are blessed to have you as a Mom and what a gift you give to them – an attitude of gratitude!

  7. thanks for the comments. I truly consider myself to be hugely lucky.
    I have more stories about how I have come close to losing my life.. but they are for other posts.
    and darn it.. I spelt “KOMBAT” wrong.
    Meh, Josh only reads my posts when I make him..

  8. I love this story, and that you are here to be a light for others. *hugs*


  9. Dorie Cowling Aikey

    you are amazing!!!!

  10. Just read that Beth…you are one of my new heros…

  11. Yeah, the whole gum thing comes as a real shock. Assertive…? Naaaahhhhh 😉

  12. Alright…maybe I need sleep but I just welled up with tears. It was a wonderful read and made me reflect. It also brought back my car accident memories so I’m a bit pissed but it was a beautiful story Beth. You are a lucky, wonderful girl.

  13. Wow. 15 years already. I still think of that and go carefully through that intersection every time I head to Gary’s Auto (which is far too often).

  14. Kathryn Tomac Langley

    You brought tears to my eyes too Beth….thanks for sharing that story and it’s quite obvious why you walked away from that accident – – we needed you to help keep things in perspective for all of us who worry about things that are just plain not important!

  15. It was a moving tribute to life and it moved me. Made me remember my near death experience and why I’m glad I made it through too. You write beautifully too.

  16. Beth, nothing is ever dull with you and I love reading your writings. I know they all come from the heart and reflect how you really feel about things. It is always a pleasure to see you have written another blog….some sad, some happy….just like each day in life . Thanks for sharing and for being you ! Glad you and Josh survived, and yes – that you didn’t have any more kids as your husband ❤

  17. this is what a blog is for, thank you for sharing.

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