Life is a Carnival.. Enjoy the ride.

When I was a young girl, my father would often take us to a carnival that was set up along the beach strip between Hamilton and Burlington.roller-coaster

My sisters and I would love to go on all the rides.. we’d take turns ringing the little bell on the front of the boat ride.. pretend to be riding Harleys as we spun in circles on the motorcycle ride, scream in terror as we thought we’d go flying out of the Scrambler… and of course, there would always be the roller coasters.

The clicking as the coaster ascended the track.. the build up… the anticipation of being hurled through the air at incredible rates of speed.  The sheer terror of the drop.. the euphoric rush and heart palpitations as we soared up and down…

I recall my family visiting Wonderland for the first time.. waiting in line for a good 30 minutes or so in order to climb into a metal box and have our bodies thrown about for a mere 3 to 5 minutes of electrifying exhilaration.

This summer my son and I went to Marineland and he convinced me to ride the Dragon Fire six times in a row.  At the end of the ride I came to the conclusion that perhaps I had become far too old for this joyride.. the feeling of my brain being jostled around in my head and slammed against the side of the car now far outweighed the elation I once felt whilst flying through the perceived time space continuum.

This past week my life has felt like a veritable roller coaster.

What started out as a fun little trip quickly became an accelerated, terrifying adventure.  The slow build of the ride escalating to its peak.. then the sudden dangerous thrust of being hurtled toward the ground … wind whipping through your hair, feet dangling… feeling as if you are almost airborne… only to rise once again up the track, spinning about until dizzy and then come crashing to the bumpy stop.  End of the ride.  Please don’t forget to pick up your belongings as you depart to your left.

But as much fun as rollercoasters can be, they are a brief thrill ride..fervent, fast, furious….jarring your brain and body.  Much excitement and fun while the fleeting ride lasts, but intense and jolting and always coming to an inevitable screeching stop.  And you are sometimes left feeling a little disappointed and nauseous at the conclusion.

So, I think perhaps my rollercoaster days have come to an end. 

From now on I think the ferris wheel is more to my liking..  slowly climbing toward the sky.. being able to observe everything around with an unencumbered view of the world.. rocking the cart just enough to be slightly exciting.. but not too much to make you crash to the ground… and then the slow descent back to earth where, once again, you can plant your feet firmly on the ground.

Or maybe the carousel. I think that may be more my speed. 

But, for the record,  I did enjoy the ride. Brief as it was.

Life: Everything happens for a reason. It’s all good.
Love: I have a lot of it in my life. For that I’m thankful.
Pants: Working on that too. Time for a run.

11 responses to “Life is a Carnival.. Enjoy the ride.

  1. Beth – what a great post – so descriptive! I’m with you – roller coasters no longer have the same effect they once did – so done with the chaotic trip! Now the ferris wheel is much more to my liking. I see it a new light as you so accurately described “slowly climbing toward the sky…” Thank you!

  2. hi there–lots of wonderful metaphors and colour in your writing, beautifully said!
    Not sure what this says about me, I’m terrified of roller coasters. So pat yourself on the back for taking the ride, however it turns out.

    • thank you Dorie..
      terrified? Understandable.. but I guess you just congratulate yourself on being brave enough to take the ride…

  3. Awesome post, Beth! Sorry that this ride didn’t work out but you are not the Ferris wheel type so I will look out for you as you hit the next big rollercoaster which you will crush!


  4. Beth, I agree – it is all about the ride. Takes courage to get on! Grabbing the good parts and tossing the not-so-good ones, all the while knowing that you’re part of a much bigger plan.

    I remember screaming the “F” word in a terrified voice, cussing out my friend who talked me into going on the Zipper (late 70’s). Though I survived and never got back on that particular ride, I remember it like it was yesterday.

    Life is what you make it.

    🙂 Beautiful writing, my friend.

  5. EXCELLENT… Very thought provoking post Beth ! .. It’s amazing how roller coasters seem so much smaller as adults than they once did when we were kids.. My mom use to work at the old Crystal Beach Amuesment Park back in it’s Hay Day in the 70’s .. and I recall her taking me for my first AND ONLY ride on the Comet.. As she held onto the crossbar of the car with one hand laughing as it screamed all the way down the big descent, I melted into my seat as I felt myself starting to fall forward… I later realized that my meltdown was the result of a fear of heights which I would come to respect yet never fully understand later because I never did recall any traumatic moments involving heights up to that point. So just where did this fear manifest itself from? .. One wonders..and like so many other unexplained things in life … you just go for the ride regardless, without any apparent rhyme or reason why. It is often then, when a profound and lasting revelation occurs that makes us wiser in either a positive or negative way. None the less – we learn something very new about ourselves AND others. In the end, I opted for a ride not as high, but much more violent and thrashing in nature.. the old Wild Mouse which my mother was terrified of despite it being no where near as high as the Comet… And Oh Yes I have fond memories of the Scrambler too : ) .. In the end, What I learned was, that we all have something that eventually affects us in this manner.. and the relevance and significance of “The Ride” is.. that it is the enabler of these revelations and memories. Decades later, when the sun set on the old amuesment park for the very last time before it was finally torn down into piles of old wood and scrap steel.. breaking hearts all over the region, .. the memories remained 🙂 .. underscoring both the beauty and importance of “The Ride”

  6. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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