Fill in the Blank

From my friend Kyle (@IknowKyleFord) who is super awesome.  Another one of those fill in the blank quiz things that I seem to enjoy… No, I don’t know why….

Me, Josh and Jodi on an adventure...

Me, Josh and Jodi on an adventure...

My ex… is one of my best friends. Took a while, but it’s all good.  I call him Fernando in the blog, but it’s an alias. Sometimes I call him Paco.
Maybe I should…make a list of what I will do today…pick out an outfit for tomorrow.. take the dog for a big walk.. write some stuff.. do some research.. finish writing that article. Hey, I think I just made my list.
I love…my puppy. Oh, and my kids.
People would say that I’m…mildly amusing and very goofy.
I don’t understand…ignorance. Or why people like Coldplay.
When I wake up in the morning…I wish I had a coffeemaker beside my bed like in a hotel.
Life is full of… adventure. And liquor ….and chocolate.
My past is…the past….let it go, dude.
Parties are…fun. And often a source of photos you don’t want posted on Facebook. You, I mean.  That has never happened to me. I have no idea what you are talking about so you can stop now.
I wish…something.. but it’s a secret. 😉  Saw 2 shooting stars last night. Yes, I’m superstitious. Sue me.
Tomorrow…is Friday already! Woot!
I have low tolerance…for the stupidity of others.
I am totally terrified of…something bad happening to someone I love.
If I had a million dollars…I’d put some away for my kids, and move closer to them. And start a business with BFF Jodi.  And have a kickass party.
I am…tired of waiting. (I love you, Trews..)
My home is…where my heart is.
My best friend…is pretty freakin’ awesome.
My parents taught me…everything I know about life.  Including not running with scissors, no swimming within an hour of eating and how to judo flip someone.
Every day…I take my dog for a walk.  And laugh.
My life… is anything but dull
If I found out my ex was gay…I’d set him up. LOL.
Boys are… only attracted to me if they live several hours away.  A minimum 150km radius must be maintained at all times.
Girls are… fun…. if you like that sort of thing.
I hate people who…are prejudiced.
Last November…I was still in Barrie and hating my life pretty much.
Hickory Dickory Dock…is a very strange nursery rhyme.  I will not satisfy the 12 year old in you by making this sentence rhyme in a dirty way. In fact. No rhyming at all. I’m done with this.
The best invention ever…Coffee.
I love it when… people get what they deserve – Karma’s a bitch.
Sometimes I…wonder what things would have been like if I HAD gone to med school…
I work…at it.
GO…uh, rest high on that mountain..? GO …Train?  I don’t get it.
God…is cool.
Jesus…also rocks.
Buddha…is a chubby guy. Should cut down on the carbs… Jodi has a statue of him in the backyard.
My dream last night…about something involving me showing up for a tv show in my workout gear.
My first thought waking up…why can’t you teach a dog to make coffee…?
Today I ate…hard boiled eggs, water, coffee

Sometimes I swear…: more than I should.. don’t tell my mom.
As a child, I…liked to play with the boys. 😉
The world could do with less…hate.

Life: It’s all good
Love: *sigh* Do you even have to ask?
Pants: today, I am wearing workout shorts. all good.

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