Just Call Me the Crazy Dog Lady…

mochaI fear I’m becoming obsessed with my dog.

Last week I was meeting my BFF Carmen for drinks and a little business and she introduced me to her friend. After chatting for a bit I said to them both .. “want to see a picture of my dog?”  to which they both responding with gales of laughter. 

Mocha is being a good girl in order to score the Timbits.

Mocha is being a good girl in order to score the Timbits.

Apparently previous to my arrival my lovely dear friend who I shall call Carmen (as that is her real name) had a gentleman’s bet regarding how long it would take before I asked that very question.  I believe it was “if you are friends with Beth, you will see many pictures of her dog”. 

Uh, and what’s wrong with that? My dog is very cute and looks like a stuffed animal. I don’t see a problem with this at all.  I am merely sharing the joy of Mocha the Wonderdog.

She’s fluffy and cuddly and awfully cute. Which is a good thing. Because she is mostly kind of evil.

About 3 years ago, I was THINKING about getting a dog.. but was going to wait till the fall since it was a particularly busy summer. Of course, once I mentioned to a couple of friends that I was THINKING about it, they took this to mean “we should find Beth a dog immediately..” or something along that line.

So one day I get a call… saying I HAVE to take this dog or she’s going to be put down or there will be an apocalypse or something worse. I agreed to go see the dog.

She's going after those Timbits..

She's going after those Timbits..

A lady in Cambridge had this dog (who she called Peanut, which is a stupid dog name. Mostly because I was bit on the nose by a pomeranian named Peanut who was nasty and I hope is roasting in doggie hell. Ok, I don’t. But it was still a nasty dog and it’s a dumb name).  Marie couldn’t keep the dog because she had to move and couldn’t take the dog. Marie just wanted her to have a good home so was giving her away.

My two friends who convinced me to take this dog said that she was a little aggressive, but they would train her. And groom her forever for free.

We got to Marie’s house and she was outside with the dog. The loudest, barkiest dog ever. BFF Jodi came with.. and son Josh.  Jodi and I looked at each other and were both thinking the same thing.  This dog is insane.

Marie proceeded to tell me that prior to her getting the dog, Peanut had been with her sister and brother-in-law and that he was a jerk who kicked the dogs.  Plus, puppy didn’t get out during the day much and was usually caged so wasn’t socialized well. Oh, and she was crazy (ok, Marie didn’t say that, but it’s true).

Here’s the thing. Josh came.  Josh who loves all animals and really wanted me to get a dog. Josh who all animals pretty much love him. Josh who immediately became this dog’s best friend.  My son Josh who has an extremely big heart. And who can kind of talk me into pretty much anything.  *sigh*

We loaded “Peanut” and food and cage into the car and went home.

First order of business was to change her name. I may have mentioned, Peanut is a stupid dog name. We discussed her colour and such and eventually came up with Mocha. We liked it. It stuck.

the day we got her..

the day we got her..

Now, once she was at my house, she was very friendly to us.  Very sweet and cuddly.. followed Josh everywhere.. she was very nice.  And she still is. Friendliest dog in the world. ONCE SHE KNOWS YOU.

However, until that happens she is a pain in the rear end. Her favourite past time is now sitting in the front window and barking at people. She also enjoys barking at people who come to the door. And barking at people walking on the sidewalk. Or getting into their cars. Or barking at sounds she hears that may or may not be intruders.  Needless to say, she’s a good watchdog.  However, if you ever meet her,  ignore her. DO NOT try to be her friend. Once she knows you’re OK, she will make friends with you. However, consider this your official warning.

The warning is this. Once she likes you, she’s a big whore. She will have to sit on your lap and be your best friend and thereby shed on you and love you.  Which is why I love her.

Oh, in case you were wondering.. the training thing never worked out.. hence the barkiness. Because I suck at dog training. Just so you know. (Can that Caesar Dog Whisperer guy come over…?)

However, now it appears that since it’s just been me and Mocha for the last few months, that I may have gotten a little over the top with her. I mean, I don’t think it’s SO bad that I take pictures of her every day.. but I suppose it’s bad that I have more pics of her than my children.. and that I get her treats at Tim Horton’s all the time. (Hey, she has to EARN them…)

Obviously, I have been alone with the dog too long. But it could be worse.. I haven’t started dressing her in fancy outfits or letting her eat at the table.  And as cute as she is, if you see me dressing her up in a ballerina costume, you have permission to perform an intervention.

After all, she’s supposed to be the crazy one. 😉

Life: Not bad.. not bad at all
Love: I love my dog. She is a bed hog, however.
Pants: Mocha and I have been walking every day.. so far so good.

2 responses to “Just Call Me the Crazy Dog Lady…

  1. That was good for a laugh. She’s precious and sounds like a little handfull just like Urban…but I wouldn’t have her any other way. The boys say she doesn’t listen well enough. I just tell them none of my other kids listen either..why should she….LOL. Besides she’s my only daughter. Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. Ahhh beth. I know you love her and u love me for introducing the two of you. I promise ill be down soon to groom her for you. End of sept. I promise

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