Have You Ever?

Again, one of those questionnaire type things that make their way around the internet.. I just find some of the questions.. and answers.. interesting.. questions1219kind of like virtual Truth or Dare…

1. Ever find anything nasty in your restaurant meal? Yes, human hair.  I got a free meal as it was obvious it wasn’t mine.
2. Ever had a gun pointed at you and if so, by who? No, but I did point a gun at someone else.. I was five and took my dad’s rifle out of the house to scare some neighbourhood boys. Thank God my dad did not keep ammo in the house.
3. Ever been tasered? You mean by police? Then, no.
4. Ever exited a moving vehicle? Yes, in the middle of a fight with my ex. Not a good day. Fell OFF a moving vehicle once too. Stupid high school kids. That would have been concussion #3 I believe…
5. Ever gone skydiving? Not on your life, buddy.
6. Ever eaten an insect? Not intentionally but yes
7. Ever eaten rattlesnake meat? No thanks
8. Ever been run over by a car? No, cut out of one though.
9. Ever been knocked unconscious? Concussion #4 I believe… fell down a flight of stairs at school. Developed tinnitus (ringing in the ears) for 2 weeks. It was awful.
10. Ever been hospitalized by an accident? Yes – couple of times.  Stitches in head, fractured pelvis.. that sort of thing.
11. Ever had surgery? Yes. A few. Tonsils, nose (not cosmetic… for breathing purposes..).. a C section among them..
12. Ever been under general anesthesia? Yes. See above.
13. Ever played Truth or Dare? Which did you pick? Yes, and depended on the question. Worst dare was streaking. I did it.

14. Ever won more than $100 playing blackjack?  No, but on the slots… yes!

15. Ever saved a life? Put out a fire at my neighbour’s house once… 

16. Ever been chased on the freeway in a road rage incident? No, but I’ve been in the car with the “chaser”.. scary!

17. Ever been audited by the IRS/CRA? No.  Knock wood.
18. Ever tricked someone by putting sugar in the salt shaker? No.. but I’ve loosened a few lids… 😉
19. Ever whittled something out of wood? Do I look like I grew up in the hills?
20. Ever surprised yourself by fixing something you thought unrepairable? Yes. Several things including a broken heart.
21. Ever fired a gun? If so, when was the first time? Nope. Thank goodness (see #2)

22. Ever confronted a burglar? No
23. Ever had something stolen out of a locker? Yes
24. Ever written a book or “how to” guide of some sort? LOL. Yes, see last blog post.
25. Ever been asked for your autograph? Yes when I was in radio.  Yeah it’s worth MILLIONS…
26. Ever kissed the ground? Not that I can recall…

27. Ever steered a car with a body part other than your hands? No. isn’t that a guy thing?
28. Ever worn mismatched socks in public? Most days. LOL
29. What’s the nicest thing someone’s ever done for you? Many things.. too many to mention.

30. Ever lit off a smoke bomb? no
31. Ever break a tooth? Yes unfortunately… suckage. TWICE BOTH times on POPCORN. I avoid it now..
32. Ever hit a wild animal while driving? A skunk. AWFUL lemme tell ya.. couldn’t drive the car for a couple of days. YUCK
33. Ever have a bird fly into the windshield of a vehicle you were in? yes
34. Ever bust open an old fashioned thermometer and play with the mercury? Yes, as a kid
35. Ever suck on a tootsie pop without biting it?  Yes, but not for long…
36. Ever kill an afternoon reading comic books? yes! I used to collect comic books
37. Ever fallen off a ladder? Yes but not far.
38. Ever fallen off a roof? No.  I used to climb out my bedroom window and across the roof and down the antenna to sneak off to parties when I was about 15. Well, until I got caught.
39. Ever fall in love at first sight? No, I don’t think so.  There’s still time…
40. Ever seen one of your own bones exposed? Yuck. No.
41. Ever been served a bowl of chicken soup with the claw still on the drumstick? LMAO NO!
42. Ever find something that you thought was really valuable, only it turned out to be worthless? Yes. Mostly relationships. LOL
43. Ever had a celebrity crush? David Cassidy when I was really young.. then Shaun Cassidy in Grade 7/8. And I’d totally do George Clooney.
44. Ever see an animal being born in person? Yes, kittens.
45. Ever see a human baby being born in person? Yes, Katy.. Josh they knocked me out for. He was being difficult. Nothing’s changed.. LOL
46. Ever wake up screaming? Yes. But then I got a divorce.
47. Ever held your breathe for more than 2 minutes? Yes, when I was much younger and an avid swimmer
48. Ever washed a car in a bikini? That’s what I’m doing right now as a matter of fact…
49. Ever told someone yapping in a crowded movie theater during the movie to shut the hell up? Yes.. it’s nearly always chicks too.
50. Ever been told that you look like a celebrity? Yes. Elizabeth Taylor (never saw that).  Julie Kavner (Rhoda’s sister Brenda and the voice of Marge Simpson…) .. And Marilyn Chambers, porn star. LOL.


Life: Living it, baby!
Love: The only boys that seem to like me live very far away. Maybe I should move. Oh, I just did. Never mind…
Pants: Yes, I’m wearing some (I was kidding about the bikini…)

2 responses to “Have You Ever?

  1. wow lots of stuff I never knew you have had a tough life

  2. Oh, I am not going to say which #’s pertain to me but yes on all of them!LOL!

    here’s one…ever peeped in your pants while driving? No, but a friend of mine stuck in traffic did…she threw the coat away! LOL! (Oh, I meant *peed*!) Somehow my typo is funnier!

    Not yet recovered but great post!

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