Just Being Neighbourly, is All…

I’ve made friends with one of my new neighbours. Which is terrific, because it really kinda sucks when you don’t like your neighbours and then you have to see them all the time and you sort of avoid each other and all that crap.streetparty_mingling

Because of course they then have the tendency to just be jerks (in my experience) and do stuff like leave grass clippings on your driveway and stuff. (One of the other neighbours here did that this week.. I am taking the high road and cleaning them up and not dumping them on his drive.)

Regardless, this morning I was doing some cleaning and went out front to empty the recycling bin.. and while I was out there, Jim from across the street waved and said hi and started having a big ol’ conversation with me. Which was awesome, because I was in pajamas. However, it was nice chit chatting and being friendly.. in my last place I didn’t really know any of the neighbours but for the one directly next door and I lived there for nearly a year.

When I was a kid EVERYBODY knew their neighbours.  Mind you, growing up we had a pool so every kid for miles knew where I lived and wanted to be my friend .. in the summer, anyway.  My family lived in the same house for 40 odd years; most of the other neighbours were there for nearly as long, and everyone knew everyone. It was awesome.

On Victoria Day, everyone in the neighbourhood would come to our house and my dad would light everyones’ fireworks (all the other dads were a-scared of fireworks.. not my dad.. he used a blowtorch to light them..) and the parents would have some of Mr. Selsek’s and Mr. Mutart’s homemade wine and get a little tipsy and everyone would “oooooh and aaaaah” and the kids would drink kool-aid and eat popcorn. 

We had the type of neighbours that would bring you over some homemade jam or a basket of peaches or tomatoes just because.. where they’d shovel your driveway if you were away (so burglars wouldn’t know you weren’t home..).  My dad regularly would help out one neighbour or another with a plumbing problem or fixing an electrical outlet or trying to get raccoons out of their chimneys.  The neighbourhood ladies would often get together for a coffee or a tea. It was just.. friendly.

At one point, one of the original neighbours moved out and the house was sold. The people who moved in were from a different area of the city (i.e. bad area of town) and immediately put up fences and locked gates and the whole nine yards.. effectually making their property a bit of an eyesore to the neighbourhood.  Another inhabitant of the street spoke up about this and this launched an all out war between the two the end result of which was going to court.. but not before the newbies to the ‘hood created an effigy of their “nosy neighbour” depicting her as a witch flying on a broom and displayed it for all to see.  At least it was interesting..

I’ve never had awful neighbour problems.. just some apathetic ones.  People who made no effort whatsoever to be pleasant or even say hi.   If you look up “neighbour” in the thesaurus, one of the words you can substitute is “friend”.  In some places I’ve lived I’ve made friends and managed to stay in touch with those people.. but in other places, not so much.  And that makes it somewhat lonely and sheltered I find.. so I try to be friendly when the opportunity presents itself.

So this morning when Jim came across the street to have a chat, it was very nice.  A lovely, amiable man who made suggestions about different places I could take my son this weekend.. yapped about how buddy didn’t clean up his lawn clippings.. the weather, you know, the usual neighbour stuff.

Mind you, then I noticed that Jim seemed to be admiring my shirt…. which was basically just your average plain white tee.  And I wasn’t wearing a bra.  And it was a bit chilly out this morning.  ‘Nuff said.  I couldn’t cross my arms and head into the house fast enough…

I guess sometimes there’s such a thing as being “too” friendly. Darn. I was just trying to be neighbourly…..

Life: So far, so good!
Love: I’m debating on deleting this section as “nothing to report” is even boring ME…
Pants: About to head out for another marathon walk/run. Should be fun!

4 responses to “Just Being Neighbourly, is All…

  1. We can’t not look. It’s an evolutionary throw-back. When women understand that men are here to reproduce and catch food…the world will be a better place. Don’t expect anything more, we’re very shallow.

  2. Oh, I know it! LOL
    thanks Tony

  3. Hey that neighbourhood conflict sounds familiar! Unfortunately I think I know who the “witch on a broom” was!

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