My Life in a Box

It’s nearly done.

Most of my worldly possessions are sitting in a giant “Pod” in my driveway.  It’s a large storage crate that’s been here for a whouseeek and during the week I’ve been packing things and stacking them up.  Couches, chairs, photo albums.. the wine rack and bookcase my father made.  Pretty much everything I own.  Tomorrow the Pod guy will come and hoist it onto his truck and take the Pod to a storage facility until the time when I have my own house again.  I basically have left in the house the contents of my bedroom .. my bed, dresser, trunk.. a couple of chairs and boxes and boxes of clothes.  For someone who never has anything to wear, I have a lot of clothes…

In the morning, the pod will leave and then my friend will come with a truck, we’ll load in the rest of  my stuff and I’ll take it to St. Catharines, where I’m going to live with my friend Jodi for a while.  There are of course, mixed feelings. 

This was the first house that I ever owned.  I really had to work hard to buy it and when I finally got it I was super excited. It’s not a very big house, but it was super cute.  Buying the house meant that after months of living in a friend’s basement (after first moving to Barrie), I could finally have my own space and my daughter could come to live with me and go to school here.

I had the house set up in less than a week. It was little but pretty and all painted the colours I like (lots of red haha) I had new furniture, a rec room and I loved it.

Nearly three months to the day that I took possession of the house, I lost my job.  My cute little house went up for sale. There was no reason for me to be in Barrie any longer.

It took many months before I sold it… mostly because I put it on the market in the winter. Then, the people who wanted to buy it had some issues (like I did when I bought it). I was happy they finally got it. pod

I’ve spent a lot of time in this house. It’s comfortable, it’s quiet. It has a nice yard and deck.

Although much of the time I’ve spent in Barrie has not been fabulous due to my job situation, I had many good times in this house.

The first weekend I was here, my BFF Jodi showed up and stayed over.. mind you it was because she had car trouble on the way to the cottage, but we turned it into wine, fun, building furniture..

My daughter moved here.. and my son visited as often as possible. Katy and I had fun decorating. She surprised me by painting the rec room while I was away in September and did an awesome job. We had fun painting and decorating her brother’s room.. mind you, I think he only slept in it once.. he preferred to sleep in the rec room with the “big tv”.

My entire family came here for Thanksgiving.. as did BFF Jodi. Seventeen people plus 3 dogs. As I said, it’s a smallish house, so it was stellar that the weather was good so that we could use the deck as well.  The kids ran about the yard and had a lot of fun. It was great to have my family over to see my place and spend a holiday together.

At Christmas, we had a lovely dinner and lots of laughs. It was just me, Katy and Josh and Jodi .. we decided that due to our “unique family makeup” we should rename ourselves “The Warrcrookens” – a combination of each of our last names. We opened gifts, ate great food and enjoyed.xmas

Katy and I spent countless hours hanging out and talking and spending time together in our little house. Watching TV or just hanging out on the “party-o”. We didn’t enjoy the ridiculous amounts of snow, however.  She would have her friends over as often as possible – always a good time.

The “Super Exciting Friends” celebrated Singles Awareness Day in that house.. and often we’d just chill.

Packing up the house left me melancholy. It was the first house I’d ever owned.  And now all my stuff was going into storage and I was going to St. Catharines.  But when I thought about it, it wasn’t the house I was going to miss so much as the people who had spent time with me there. The moments, the occasions, the fun. And really, I’ll now be closer to those people that make me feel happy and that I have fun with. 

As much as I’ll miss my little house,  but there will be other houses.  Because it’s not the house that makes the memories it’s the people that are in them.  And I can always have fun as long as I’m with the people that mean the most to me.

Even in a box.

Life: goes on…. in St. Catharines
Love: Nothing to report as per usual.
Pants: I think moving has put me down a couple pounds. It’s hard work!

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