A Year From Now

A year from now you’ll wish you’d started today. – Karen Lamb

I read that recently and I keep saying it over and over in my head.calendar

A year ago, I was preparing to move into my house.. the first house I had ever owned.  To recap … during the last year, I was broken up with, bought a house.. then lost my job.. now have sold the house and I’m preparing to move.. again.  And unfortunately.. as it it with human nature, I have played the “What if?” game in my head.  What if I had done this.. or that.. or the other thing.

Needless to say, it’s an exercise in futility.  And it’s annoyed the crap out of a few of my friends who wish I would stop calling them in the middle of the night to lament my situation and sing “Wind Beneath My Wings”.  But I digress. Again.

Everyone does it.. think about how if they’d only bought RIM stock or Apple, back in the day… or if I had only stuck with the exercise program I started at Lady Fitness in 1984 I’d be freakin’ CUT by now… but.. hindsight is 20/20 and uh, yeah… not going to change anything.

While I was packing up my house I ran across a “self help” book I purchased about 5 years ago and never finished.  I started it with the best of intentions … I would use this tool to help re-create and re-invent myself. 

The book mark was at page 43.  And I’m a fast reader usually.. I mean, when the new “Harry Potter” would come out, I’d finish that bad boy in 24 hours… you couldn’t stop me. I’d read non-stop until I had finished the whole thing.

While perusing this manual of self improvement I noticed another piece of paper toward the back of the book. It was a list I drew up in 2004 of things that I wanted to change about me, about my life.  Things that I needed to let go of, to get over, to get past… in order to be happy.

I’m sorry to say that out of the list of five things, only two I’ve accomplished.  Mind you, the two items I DID accomplish were HUGE.  Large, life changing stuff .. that of which I will not share with you here as frankly, it’s none of your business.. and deeply personal. 

But, the three remaining items… if I HAD done those things.. how different would my life be RIGHT NOW?  I will never know.  And there is no point in trying to figure that out.   These three items are still on my “to do” list.  Still things I wish to accomplish.

So today a new list will be written. I’ll finish reading the book and I hope these changes will improve my life. 

A year from now Iwill be able to tell you.  I’m starting today.

Life: Packing, packing, packing.
Love: I do not love packing. Not at all.
Pants: I’ve been pretty good with the exercise. I’ll let you know in a year. 😉

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