The Continuing Misadventures of Beth and Jodi

One of my best friends in the world is Jodi Crooks. Today is her birthday.IMG00649
“Please hold for an important call from Jodi Crooks” – Jodi, pretending to be her own assistant
Jodi and I met when I took a temporary gig working in the growing industry of lawn care.  She worked for the sister company and our desks were near one another.  One day we were the only people in the whole building and I was saying something to her.. and she finally looked up and said “oh! Are you talking to me?”  To which I replied “Noooooo… I was talking to the OTHER JODI… but to make SURE you know I’m talking to YOU from now on I will make sure I call you Jodi CROOKS…”  This is way funnier when I tell it in person.
From that point forward, she became JodiCrooks .. all one word.  Everyone calls her that.  I am a trendsetter obviously.  Also at that point, we became great friends.
“Do my pants smell?” – me to Jodi.. Jodi has no sense of smell
JodiCrooks and I have been through some crazy stuff together.  Divorces, unemployment, living together, tattoos, lots of laughs,  puppet shows, boys, the stupidity of boys.. being splattered by fake blood at an Alice Cooper show… concerts.. Alice, Velvet Revolver, Motley Crue, and just this week, The Fray…  
We just like hanging out and chatting.. and often sit with both our laptops watching tv and MSNing each other in the same room. We are weird.
We spend at least part of the holidays together every year.  This past year it was Jodi, Katy, Josh and I for Christmas Eve and morning.. we decided that in light of our interesting “family” that would should adopt a new name.. and hence became the “Warrcrookens”.. A combination of Warren and Crooks.. the names we kept from our ex husbands. LOL.
Jodi and I love the word “LAUGH”.. We both collect signs that say laugh.. and we’ve now gone to the extreme of having matching tattoos done on our wrists.   It’s one of the biggest things she and I have in common….the laughter itself.   We are both pretty funny people and we love laughing.. and do it as often as possible.  Plus, the tattoo is  a constant reminder that if you can still laugh at things, you’ll be okay.  And no, it’s not a commitment ceremony thing. We both like boys. Quite a lot, actually.
“Way to take the high road by lying” – Jodi to me after not so successfully juggling 2 dates in one night.. only to run into date #1 making out with someone else at which point I pretended to be all offended.
We’re the type of people who call each other just to say something funny.  Or for me to call and sing “The Wind Beneath my Wings”… or play “Hungry Like the Wolf” over the phone because it’s on the radio… (after all, Jodi IS President of the Duran Duran Fan Club…) Or call if “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch” come on the radio.. she loves Mark Wahlberg.
For all the laughter and the tears .. and the many bottles of wine consumed either celebrating or commiserating… for just being the wonderful, pretty hilarious person that you are…. Happy Birthday Jodi Crooks!
You are a great BFF.  Here’s to many more misadventures!

One response to “The Continuing Misadventures of Beth and Jodi

  1. Grow up Grow up grow up and let the world enjoy your talent…

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