What Are You Afraid Of?

I was recently with a group of people when for some strange reason the conversation turned to crazy fears and phobias.  In particular, the fear of midgets or dwarves. (this is called Lollypopguildophobia by the way…)

At this point in the conversation I had to explain to them the difference between midgets (please, no offence intended to those who are “little people” or vertically challenged or whatever the correct terminology is these days) and dwarves.  Midgets or “little people” are overall smaller in stature than people of average height.. yet everything is in proportion.  Dwarfism is when the head and torso are  what is perceived as “normal” stature and the limbs are shorter and not in proportion with the rest of the body. There are many different types. But I digress.

I have run across several people lately who are ridiculously afraid of “little people”.  To the point where they can’t watch “Little People, Big World” or what have you.  They seem to think that if they look the wrong way at someone of short stature that he or she will attack them, or steal their gold or cast an evil spell upon them.  Apparently, too many Grimms’ Fairy Tales growing up.2000400ERF101

The many conversations I’ve had about what scares people have revealed some pretty interesting fears and phobias.  I know several people who are afraid of clowns (Coulrophobia – hey, Johnny Depp has this so you’re in good company..)  a friend who has a fear of balloons (globophobia) and the loud noise that accompanies their demise (could also be ligyrophobia – fear of loud noises).  I know someone with Anthrophobia – Fear of flowers… Podophobia is the fear of feet..  there are a lot of unusual fears that people have.  Including…

  • Arachnophobia – fear of spiders – many many have this.  I just don’t love them is all.
  • Dutchphobia- Fear of the Dutch – World Cup 2006 – A sea of Orange Clad Drunk Dutch. I understand.
  • Ephebiphobia – Fear of teenagers – every parent I know has this..
  • Equinophobia – Fear of horses – I had this when I was young.  I told people I was allergic.
  • Enochlophobia- Fear of crowds – an understandable one
  • Gamophobia – Fear of marriage – I know a LOT of men who suffer from this one…
  • Gardengnomeaquirophobia. – A fear of Garden gnomes. Really.
  • Glossophobia – Fear of speaking in public – many have this. Me? not so much
  • Genuphobia – Fear of knees – interesting. very odd. but interesting.
  • Geliophobia – Fear of laughter – that would be AWFUL
  • Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia – Fear of long words- looking at that, why wouldn’t you be?
  • Ophidiophobia – Fear of snakes – not uncommon
  • Porphyrophobia – Fear of the color purple – the movie or the play?
  • Pteromerhanophobia – Fear of flying – why should one be afraid of being hurled through the air at thousands of miles per hour in a metal tube?
  • Rupophobia- Fear of dirt – rarely occurs in small children. particularly toddlers.
  • Scolionophobia – Fear of school – plenty of teenagers suffer from this malady
  • Technophobia – Fear of technology – if you are reading this.. YOU HAVE BEEN CURED!
  • Walloonphobia- Fear of the Walloons – I have no idea what a walloon is.
  • Zemmiphobia- Fear of the great mole rat – That DOES sound scary…

Now, everyone is afraid of SOMETHING. I can’t think of anything offhand that I am petrified of.. not a fan of rodents or axe murderers,  and if I was confronted with a ghost (Spectrophobia) I’m sure I would be as frightened as Scooby and Shaggy.  However, I don’t have anything that cripples me to the point where I can’t function or leave the house.  And many do. I’ve seen them on Maury Povich.

However, I think everyone has a basic fear of failure.. Atychiphobia.  And sometimes that is more crippling than anything. It causes you to play it safe, to not try to live out your dreams… to not go for that “big job” or life altering decision.  Or in some cases, it prevents you from trying at all.  Or procrastinating.  Fear is misuse of your imagination. So instead of worrying about how you might fail.. think about what it will be like WHEN you succeed.

“I don’t believe in failure. It’s not failure if you enjoyed the process.” – Oprah Winfrey

So, why not just go for it? After all, what are you REALLY afraid of?

Life: Little bit of a conversation with myself there.. in case you missed it. 😉
Love: Not afraid of it.. maybe a wee bit leery..
Pants:  I wish I had a little more  Obesophobia – Fear of gaining weight.  Perhaps that would get me more in gear!

You can check out more fears and phobias on these websites.. www.phobialist.com  www.unusualphobias.com www.listofphobias.org

3 responses to “What Are You Afraid Of?

  1. Hi! Am here via @mickeygomez who is an absolute love!

    Would like to add one:

    Musophobia – The morbid fear of mice!

    This is my ultimate fear!

    Thanks for a great, fun and informative post!:~)

  2. Oh, one more…this is a good one and so tragic!

    Barophobia – Fear of gravity

    Go figure, eh? :~)

  3. Let’s challenge fear until one day fear takes our B-side. Fear is loively. It has been created by nature to pin us down because we two legged animals are too great…

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