Clothes Make the Man…er, Woman.

I wore my gym pants to the mall today. Several sales ladies gave me the once over (and I’m pretty sure one alerted security)…

As I was looking for Mother’s Day gift for my mom I was in “nicer” stores than I usually shop.. and I was in my sweaty gym clothes.. one of my AC/DC tee shirts…wet hair (it was raining).. and overall looking pretty .. not good.

I was in Winners and looked in the mirror.. I actually looked pretty bad… no wonder clerks are looking at me suspiciously.. they think I’m homeless…. or worse yet, that I buy all my clothes at discount outlets…

Here’s the conundrum. First off…. I hate shopping for clothes. I am SOOOO not a girl that way. I would like things to “jump out” at me. Ideally, I would like someone to just bring clothes to me that fit perfectly and look great on me. Consequently, my wardrobe is not …… high fashion, shall we say. In fact, I think Stacey and Clinton from “What Not to Wear” will be on my doorstep at any moment throwing out most of my wardrobe and forcing me to buy COLOURS. Or worse yet, corduroy. Or something with puffy sleeves and ruffles. Yikes.

The vast majority of my wardrobe is black. Even in the summer months I am the girl in the black capri pants and KISS tee shirt. I pretty much stick with 3 colours. Black, red and white. Once in a while a little dark purple might get thrown in. NEVER green — St Paddy’s day is the exception. I own ONE blue shirt. (I haven’t worn blue since grade 7 when my sister told me I looked awful in blue. She was just trying to ensure I didn’t wear her blue dress.) And as far as anything pastel goes.. not likely. Ok, a couple of tee shirts, but that’s it.

I was told the other day that I don’t dress like a forty freakin’ five year old.. and I’m not sure if that was a compliment or not… I tend to wear a lot of tee shirt/jean combos when I’m not forced to dress to others’ expectations (i.e. work environment, court hearing or what have you..) and things that I am comfortable in.

Mind you, I do have my moments when I dress a little better.. wearing a skirt or kilt or something pretty.. and generally low cut.. But thats not a daily occurence.

So when I have my choice, I like to just be.. comfy.. and honestly, I think it takes some guts to go to the mall in my sweats, no make up and bad hair. Mind you, I’m pretty sure this is affecting my ability to attract hot guys.. but as long as I’m comfy.. and happy…

Hmmm…maybe I should look into a makeover.. or quite possibly, an intervention..

Life: More on that later.

Love: I think I need to stop wearing the workout wear .. out.

Pants: Again. Just say no to the workout pants in public.

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