If You THINK … You Can Do It!

When I was in Saskatchewan, I met a really interesting man named Blake Emmons.

Blake’s had a very adventurous life. He left home at 11. He’s been in the military.. he’s been a professional singer/songwriter, a game show host (aka my dream job) he hosted Chain Reaction.. and a television show host (Funny Farm.. the Canadian Hee Haw, so to speak) .. He has helped many people along the way .. using his celebrity status to help others through The Variety Club. Blake was awarded the Order of Canada not that long ago for those efforts. He really should write a book about his life.. but so many remarkable things have happened to him.. he’s not sure people will believe him.

Prior to flying out to Saskatchewan, I was told that Blake was hosting the President’s Dinner and that the SCMA would like Blake to do the seminar with me. To tell the truth, I didn’t know who Blake was really.. I had heard OF him, but really didn’t know that much. So I did what I do.. I Googled him. I got some information about him.. he has a Wikipedia entry… but didn’t get too incredibly much about him. It was a little sparse.

So it was good to finally meet him on the Friday evening .. the organizers thought it would be cool if he and I got together to discuss the seminar. We ended up meeting…. talking for about 2 hours.

Blake told me just a fraction of his life story.. he’s done a lot. He describes his life as “one incredible adventure after another”. And he means it. From the little I know, his life has been filled with many hardships.. as have many others…but somehow, he’s managed to turn that around and use those experiences to make something GOOD happen, help others and make his life richer in many ways.

When Blake and I talked, he discussed how he felt his life is guided by a higher power and he knew he was supposed to be in Saskatchewan this particular weekend. He hadn’t found his “why” yet, but he would.

He also told me about the book he’s written… “If you THINK.. You Can Do It!” It’s his philosophy.. or one of them anyway.

If you think you can do it then do it you will.
And when you do do it you’ll know when it’s done,
That just in the doing is most of the fun.

What is the “it” that you wanted to do?
That you just didn’t try, and you can’t explain why?
Sit and think for a second, a minute, an hour.
When you do the things you do who gives you the power?

The book was written as a childrens’ book.. aimed at encouraging children to TRY and to use the power of positive thinking.. however.. he told me that he’d heard from people who had given this to adults who said it was the push they needed. He promised to give me a copy the next day. And he did.

I’ve read books by various motivational speakers, positive thinkers and the like. Usually I get hyped up for a few days .. likely just a few hours.. but it doesn’t have any long lasting effect. I eventually revert back to where I was. But reading Blake’s book .. makes it sound so simple. And I think it truly is. If you truly believe in something.. in yourself.. you can do it. But if you don’t even try, you’ll never know.

Sometimes you may stumble. You may even fall.
But you’ll get to the top in spite of it all.
Life will be all that you think it can be.
And all that you think will be all that you see.

Blake found out why he was supposed to be in Saskatchewan last weekend. And I think I did too. And I think I just saved about $3,000 in Tony Robbins seminars…..

Here is where you can buy Blake’s book: If You THINK.. You Can Do It

I only put in a couple of verses from the book.. but regardless.. it’s from “If You THINK… You Can Do It” by Blake Emmons, Pacific Institute Publishing. Seattle WA..all rights reserved and all that jazz.

Life: Interesting. Taking a lesson from Blake.. Just waiting for the next adventure
Love: We’ll see. But I know it’s out there!
Pants: Back at it this week. I think I can do it!

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