Adventures in Saskatchewan Part One

I was invited to go to Saskatchewan to give a seminar at the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards. “How did this happen?” you ask.. “what on earth could you possibly have to say to these people other than your smart ass crap and various ramblings?”

Well, I had been at the SCMA’s 9 years ago with the ex (he was hosting) and I guess made such an impression (not sure if it was good or bad).. they asked me to come back and .. talk. I put together a seminar outline for them on what I’d yak about.. and long story short .. they agreed to bring me out.

And that is how I ended up pulling an all nighter in order to catch an 8:30am flight. I had had to drive from Barrie to KW to drop off daughter and dog.. and elected to just stay up all night as I had to leave at 5:30am. That, and I wasn’t finished my power point presentation (It was NEARLY done.. I just wasn’t completely satisfied with it… )

Working on this at 3AM I went looking for a picture of the Road Hammers.. and discovered through their website that they were going to be in REGINA the same night I was!! Woo hoo! Let the adventure begin! I emailed Clayton (figuring he’d get it in the AM)…which led to email exchange at 3-4am and me ending up on the guestlist for that night.

At 5.30am I headed out of town and discovered that my fave Tim’s in Waterloo is NOT 24 hours. Who knew? Finally grabbed a coffee, cash, gas and headed out. Met with a bit of traffic around Mississauga (shocker) and then finally got to the airport … parked.. B39 I drilled into my brain so as not to forget where I parked the Elantra.. and headed in.. .

It was PACKED. Insanely! Who knew so maybe people wanted to go to Regina!! Obviously they have heard of my stellar seminar…. LOL. I can tell you this.. I really enjoy the machine check in thingys. Makes it fast if you know what you are doing (and they have a guy there to help you if you don’t.. ) I mean, I’m a people person, but sometimes I enjoy the lack of human contact.. i.e. bank machines… self checking.. stuff like that.. (I think this could be another blog)

Got checked in.. and waited. Answered a few emails on the BB …then got on the plane. Thankfully I had an aisle seat as I ended up sitting to a “full figured” gentleman on the flight.. who thoughtfully warned me that he snored and to just poke him if he got out of hand. Yikes! At least I wouldn’t have to climb over him. And on the bright side there are little tiny tv’s on the seats. I love that. I looked at the movies and such and elected to watch “Yes Man” as I felt like watching funny. It was pretty good.. I’d recommend it. I laughed out loud. Then I watched several episodes of 30 Rock. Hysterical. Yeah. I like that show.

But I digress…

Arrival Regina.. my friend Michelle is there to meet me…hurray! We pick up my luggage.. I text the daughter to tell here I’m safe.. and we head out to the great flatness known as Saskatchewan. First off.. I’m starved so we must go eat. We hit a Smitty’s and get some food … I am a big fan of all day breakfast.. then have to go to Winner’s to buy me some socks as I’ve realized I forgot to pack them… then a search for an internet cable (Michelle does not have wireless..) and then we head back to her place. “Wow, Beth, you are so super exciting” you say….oh yes. Yes I am. Sort of. As we wander Michelle continually marvels at how I like to take pictures of random things that really don’t make much sense. Like, the World of Trout Outlet. I was unaware that this is how one would purchase trout. I assumed a grocery store would be the place. Nope, way better deals at the outlet. Apparently.

The rest of the day is spent doing some work.. having a nap.. yadda yadda. Then we get ready to go see the Road Hammers who are playing at the Drink in downtown Regina. Woohoo! I love these guys.. we head out.. and get to the bar. “I’m on the guestlist” I say to the cerebrally challenged security dude. “Uh, I can’t find your name”.. he says.. “who put you on the list?”… “Clayton” I say.. he then looks at me like he has no idea who the hell Clay is.. but he waves me in so it’s all good. I think I could have said “Simon Cowell” and he would have let me in.

First stop.. .beer. Yum. Now we’re cooking with gas… Show starts.. The opening act is a guy named J.J. Voss who was really good .. quite enjoyed him. At first I’m thinking that guys are really digging his music as he had a bit of a crowd around the merch table.. not so much.. it had more to do with the merch chick.. Standing there in heels, baby tank top and booty shorts… all embossed with J.J.’s logo.. which made me think.. if you caught something from her, would that be considered viral marketing? Also, made me think that she must be awfully cold….. I was wearing a leather jacket…..

During the first set, got a text from Clay so went to visit with the boys on the tour bus.. lovely visit and chat.. fun fun! Great to see Jason and Clayton and Chris.. Had a chance to visit and catch up a wee bit… Sweetest guys in the world. Then we went to check out their show.. and they ROCKED. I love them. New tunes are awesome. Had to leave a bit early as Michelle wasn’t feeling great.. headed “home”.. had a drink and headed to bed.

So far, Saskatchewan is very fun. More adventure awaits!

Life: Regina is fun.
Love: I love beer.
Pants: Too much beer makes pants tight. I am off the wagon for the weekend. Hey, it’s the SCMA’s….

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