For a Good Time Call John…

Hanging out on the weekend with the daughter… she was supposed to have plans with her friend, but they fell through for various reasons. It was her last weekend in B-town, so decided that we would head out on the town.. just for something to do…

We ended up heading downtown to sit on a patio because the weather was nice. We ended up picking one which .. well.. let’s just say it wasn’t the most glamourous place in town.. Ok. It was dirt ass. But we were only there for A drink.. so it would do.

We ordered a pitcher of beer and sat to have a chat.. there were a bunch of other people on the small patio.. a bunch of guys.. a couple.. some stragglers.. We sat there and were talking about a friend of the daughter’s who’s had a tough year.. just enjoying out chat .. then one of guys on the patio asked if it would be okay if he sat with us as most of the seats elsewhere were taken… we’re polite, so we said sure.

This of course opened the door for a couple of other guys to head toward our table to “keep us company”. They seemed harmless enough so we let them.. the three of them all knew each other and had been joking around.. 2 of them worked together.. one of whom immediately started hitting on my 19 year old daughter.. while his buddy decided that I was the woman of his dreams. The third one also expressed interest in me. At least that’s what I gathered when he told me that he and I would be making out by the end of the night.

Various points to ponder… I’m not sure if this works with some chicks.. but having guys tell me about their brushes with the law, just doesn’t make me hot. I think some guys take the “girls like bad boys” theory a little too far. As well, having guys tell me about what a bitch their ex wife is and how he’s going to screw her over large.. just doesn’t really get me hot and bothered. I know.. maybe I’m setting my standards too high. I’m just funny that way.

Oh! and getting into a fight at the bar, also, not really appealing.. am I too fussy?

Oddly, the 29 year old guy from Trinidad did not appeal to my 19 year old… perhaps it was the story about how he beat up his stepdad with a two by four… or the pictures of his illegitimate children… for some reason, she was not at all interested in going to his house for curried goat the next day. Yeah, I know.. weird.

Suffice to say, once we finished up our beer, we hit the road.. but not without getting the guys phone numbers… “Just because.. call John…” the note said. I used it to wrap my chewed up gum. Guess he’ll be waiting by the phone.

Life: Going to Saskatchewan soon. Adventure awaits!
Love: I did not love these guys.. LOL.
Pants: Yes, I was wearing some.

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