You Can’t Judge A Book by It’s Cover…

She’s 47, never married, never been kissed… and is unemployed. Yet, Susan Boyle is now one of the biggest names in entertainment because of her audition on Britain’s Got Talent . Millions of people have seen it through various YouTube links… likely even a few million more by the time I finish writing this…

She’s always wanted to be a singer but has spent most of her adult life taking care of her ailing mother. She lives with her cat. And when the judges looked at her walk on the stage, two of them admittedly figured she’d be a washout. (Simon CLAIMED he knew she’d be excellent. Suuuuuure, Simon) Then she opened her mouth and totally blew them away.. as well as millions of “regular” people around the world and tons of celebrities… she’s already been on Larry King and she’s scheduled to be on Oprah soon.

So here is this woman who by the looks of things didn’t really have a ton going for her.

Forty seven, lives in Scotland with her cat, unemployed, grew up with a learning disability.. etc etc..

But she didn’t count herself out. She believed in herself.. because seriously she COULD have totally cacked. Nerves get to people. But she believed she could do well.. hell, she was only trying to get to be one of the contestants on the show and suddenly she’s a worldwide singing sensation!

Which makes me think… If a 47 year old Scottish woman can basically start her life over.. can TRY… be brave enough to put herself out there.. perhaps face ridicule on national tv… then perhaps I can learn a lesson from this and start my life over. I don’t even have tv cameras on me.

Dream big. Never give up hope. Dreams DO come true. Miracles CAN happen. You just have to TRY. Or rather, I have to try. I just have to BELIEVE….in myself.

You really can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Sure, I’m a 45 year old who’s unemployed and lives with her dog… But I’m starting out a little ahead of Susan.. I can’t sing like that.. but I have some talents.. plus, I’m 2 years younger.. and at least I HAVE been kissed… 😉

Life: The moon is going into Aries.. it’s spring. Time to start over.

Love: Think it all starts with self love. I’ll start with that.

Pants: Working on it.

One response to “You Can’t Judge A Book by It’s Cover…

  1. Honestly. When I starting watching the video (like 2 weeks ago) I thought this was going to be one of the best outtakes known to man. But once she opened her mouth I was blown away. No pun intended. I think she deserves to take the cake. Again, no pun intended. lol ❤

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