Today is my Birthday

And I’m not super happy about it.

I’m now Forty Freakin’ Five. And my life is in “flux”. Not working full time.. haven’t sold my house yet… so I’m still living in Barrie and not feeling super great about the birthday.

I mean, when I started this blog.. it was to chronicle my journey.. my quest to obtain gainful employment, perhaps find a “romantic partner”.. and get in better shape and lose some weight.

Life: So far, I’ve sent out tons of resumes.. a couple of offers (turned them down).. and some interviews.. but… no breaktrough yet. I keep feeling like I’m close… but……

Love: Well.. long story short.. most of my relationships seem to be online. Partly because I live in Barrie and the people I have “relationships” with are elsewhere. Yes, there’s a cute boy online… but at this point, my top priority is selling my house and getting a job.. but having fun once in a while is good too.. 😉

Pants: I’ve been slacking with the working out lately.. however.. this part of my life has gone better.. all of my clothes are too big though .. LOL.

Needless to say, I’m not really where I wanted to be at forty freakin’ five.. So I feel like a bit of a failure. At times it’s tough to keep a positive attitude, keep my chin up.. keep moving forward. And so I know it’s tough for some of my friends I speak with every day to deal with my sometimes depressive state…

However, I have to keep my mind focussed on getting ahead.. . and thinking positively…applying for jobs.. and trying to think of possible solutions. After all, I’m the only one who can get me out of this situation.

In the meantime, I have a lot of people who love me a lot and are willing to help if they can. I received hundreds of birthday wishes on my Facebook wall for my birthday… which certainly made me feel special. And I got a lot of emails and phone calls as well… A few friends are making birthday plans for later in the week… I’m thankful I have a lot of people in my life who seem to think I’m worth the effort.

Didn’t do much for the day.. it SNOWED on my birthday (which seems to be some kind of cosmic joke gift from the powers that be..).. then picked up some food for dinner and a birthday cheesecake.. the most fun I had all day was shovelling actually.. took the daughter for a ride on the scoop .. also known as the “fabulous slide ride”… LOL. But it was fun being with the daughter.. so that’s all that matters.

I’m hopeful that forty freakin’ five turns out better than forty freakin’ four. I have some birthday wishes to make…

Life: Things could always be worse… hopefully it doesn’t get that way!
Love: Friends and family who love me. That is enough for now.
Pants: Gotta get some pants that fit.. I’m sure my family will be getting me some b-day gift cards at Winners…

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