My Little Corner of the Twitterverse…

I got me one of those “Twitter” accounts.. just to jump on the latest social media craze… plus I like to keep up to date with what the kids are doing..

Really, it’s one of those things.. it’s a hot topic.. so I felt I should be all over it. I signed up.. and THEN WHAT?

You are supposed to have the twittering go to your cell phone by text. Well, first of all.. I do not have unlimited texting. So I declined on that one.. I only get the twitters when I am on the computer. Secondly… what do I put in the little tiny box? You are limited to 140 characters and as you know, I’m long winded…

You’re just supposed to write whatever it is you’re doing.. So my first tweet was “surfing”.. I was not too sure what to put in there.. my second was “waiting for the coffee to finish brewing”..

Here are some of my random tweets…

..made really crappy coffee this morning and had a Coldplay song stuck in my head. THAT is the sign of a bad morning. LOL
..needs to make some changes…

..reconnecting with old friends …
..laying on the couch and eating cookies…
..would like the caffeine injected directly into a major artery. Thank you for your attention to this matter. trying to write something funny. And wearing pajamas.
…planning on barbequing on the party-o this weekend… mmmmmm love this weather
…working on a plan.. and planning on working… *fingers crossed*
…thinking it’s probably good that I don’t have any romance planned for today seeing as i just ate a bushel of garlic in that caesar salad..
….requiring injections of cash, caffeine and comedy… in that order……..

I feel pressured to come up with something entertaining.. after all, I have listed in my one line “bio” that I am a “professional smartass”. And I REFUSE to have my Facebook status and Twittering be the same thing.. I feel it’s almost like cheating.. So now I have to come up with lots of funnyisms all day every day..

I think I find it fun more so for what OTHER people post.. there are a bunch of celebrities “Twittering”.. some themselves and others have people do it for them… I am following (like everyone else apparently..) Demi Moore (@mrskutcher) Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk).. just because it amuses me.. and of course.. Sean Combs (@iamdiddy) who apparently NEVER sleeps.. I started following them out of curiosity .. wondering if it was really them.. and they SEEM to be.. the constant updates are interesting.. I seriously don’t see how they have the time (mind you, you know they are twittering from their diamond encrusted iPhones… not from an Acer laptop on the dining room table..)

One weekend @iamdiddy said he was going LIVE and sent a link as to where he was and what he was doing .. so I clicked it.. and it’s HIM at some club having fun.. waving.. LOL. Just amuses me is all.

I am also following a number of my friends and people I know.. it’s fun to see what they are doing.. saying.. I prefer the ones that either say something I’m going to really think about.. or amuse me greatly.. or the ones who send information.. links and such that might be of some interest.. I recently received a link from a news station.. and it was an article about a particular disease. A friend suffers from this illness so I passed the link along.. hopefully it helps.. I do know that they at least found it interesting..

Every day I get someone adding me.. following me (isn’t this actually cyber stalking once you think about it??)… that I say “huh? who is THAT?”… and it appears to be some kind of spambot thing that was triggered because I said the word “wine” or “porn” in my post…. I dislike the people who are on it to try to SELL me something.. I do not need your psychic readings, get rich quick schemes, or handmade hemp t-shirts with images of Che Guevara on the front…

I think it has it’s benefits as a marketing tool.. communications tool.. and just staying connected with friends.. but I’m not a fan of the hard core sales pitch aspect that some have gone with.. and so they’ll be deleted from my “Twitterverse”…. Much of the time, I find that people that I actually KNOW (these people are called “FRIENDS”) are funnier or more interesting than the professionals or celebrities… @Hosehead67 and @marconibaloney are most often far more amusing (and post more often) than a couple of professional comedians I have on my list.. and I often find @knealemann more enlightening or motivating than @tonyrobbins…. and one of my very favourites is @postsecret… I’m addicted to it.. I can get postsecret updates more often than just Sundays…

Plus, I’ve made some new “friends”.. @IKnowKyleFord is hilarious… and @theh2hproject is trying to change the world.. add him!! and check out his website..

I’m still getting the hang of it.. and trying to figure out if I can DO something with it other than cyber stalk Perez Hilton (@perezhilton)… for the time being.. I’m just in it for the comedy… and the fun…

(@Hosehead 67) Everytime I crack that line about the Yankees pulling their Wang today I get another porn star following me on here…hmmmm….

Life: You can follow me on Twitter… @evilgenius6
Love: Nothing to report.
Pants: Pyjama pants at the moment, thanks.

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