Ladies Love Jordan Cooledge.. and some reasons why I love the K-dub

This past weekend was a big occasion.. it was my daughter’s 19th birthday so we headed to Waterloo to celebrate. She wanted to spend her first night of legal age at the Stampede Corral whooping it up cowboy style.
Like, can ya blame her? Drinks, country tunes, cowboys… Okay maybe you are not into that sort of thing.. but we ARE. Long story short…. best 19th birthday ever! SOOOO much fun. Lots of people came out.. people we see often, people we haven’t seen in AGES.. literally YEARS.

I got to the K-dub and headed to the Delta, as myself and the BFF’s were staying there.. I had picked up some delicious LAKER (yes, a Waterloo product.. I used to live down the street from the brewery and love that smell…) for some cocktails beforehand. Driving thru KW .. it felt like home. I mean, I live in Barrie now.. and hope to head back to KW soon. Kitchener-Waterloo was my home for 20 years.. it’s where I had my kids.. and still have lots of friends. Pulling into town felt “right”. So many things that I love about it.

We got ready at the hotel, had a beer, mocked my hair and my tardiness.. and then went to grab something to eat. We went to a crazy little vietnamese place on King & Cedar(near the Fabricland) and had some super delicious soup. It was excellent and cheap.. the place is called Pho Dau Bo. Go there. It is delicious. K-dub Reason #1.

K-dub Reason#2, the party… at the Corral. The daughter got carded…LOL. Carrie came down from Sudbury… she travelled the furthest so she gets shout outs. Friends we had not seen in about 3 years showed up! SOOOO great to see them. We got caught up as best as you can in a noisy bar and when they left we promised to stay in better contact – and I think we really will.

So many good friends came out to celebrate the daughter drinking legally.. I didn’t know doing dirty shooters could be so heart warming. Good times all around. Drinking, dancing, me whacking a beer bottle out of my friends hand and it crashing all over the dance floor… strange guys trying to pick up and providing us with much amusement… and a SPECTACULAR cake by Cherie!! (THANK YOU SO MUCH!! YOU ARE A GENIUS!) Some of the most fun I’ve had in ages.
Friday night was super fun.. but so was the rest of the weekend. Nothing too exciting to report.. I just.. had a really good time being “home”. Saturday morning BFF Jodi and myself headed to my watering hole of choice.. Ethel’s Lounge. K-Dub Reason #3… It is undoubtedly one of my favourite places in the world. (feel free to read my review at LOL)
I love Ethel’s.. it’s fun, it’s funky.. you can have a beer with breakfast.. they give you pickled asparagus with your Caesar.. Stacy the lovely server will bring you extra pickled asparagus and you don’t have to whine…. The owner gives me hugs (and sometimes grabs my ass)
I just love it. It was good to be back.

After Ethel’s Jodi and headed to pick up the son.. Josh.. and headed out to the St. Jacob’s Farmer’s market. I love the market. The farmers, the fresh meat and produce.. the crazy guys yelling and offering free samples.. We wandered about, checked out some stuff.. got some apple fritters. Where else can you find such hard to find items as calves brains, cabbage rolls, hummus and a cookbook for dogs… ALL in one place?! Not too mention the fabulous gift items.. giant fuzzy blankets with animals or famous people on them… jewellery made of shells… candles shaped like wolves.. and hula dolls that play “Barbie Girl” while they dance… You know where I’M doing my Christmas shopping this year!! But I kid.. they have tons of great stuff… I just enjoy walking around looking at things.. Making Josh put his head in giant cutouts so I can take his picture.. mocking others.. more free samples. Wondering why on earth would someone need a giant dragon shaped sword.. things like that. K-Dub Reason #4.. Tons o’ fun in Waterloo. I have really missed it.

Oh, I guess you’re wondering about the title… Whilst at the Corral, Katy found written on the washroom wall:

and came out laughing her head off. I had to admit.. that I had written that several years before when we were all there one night. Because, we ladies DO love Jordan Cooledge. He couldn’t be there Friday, but he was in spirit… K-Dub Reason #5 — they appreciate my grafitti as art… LMAO.

Life: is pretty good.. lots of fun had by all. I would put the pics up on FB but the daughter won’t LET ME till SHE does and she is taking her own sweet time.
Love: Ladies love Jordan Cooledge. He’s the bomb.
Pants: more on that..

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