25 (ok, more than 25..) things you may or may not have wanted to know about me…….

I received one of those “chain lettery” types of things via Facebook recently.. from several different people. You know what I mean .. one of those silly things where you write what you’re wearing, your favourite colour, what you ate last.. etc.. I like when people think of hilarious things to write in there.. it amuses me.

So since I received this from several people, I felt I should really fill it out.. plus it had a different twist to it.. you write out 25 things others may or may not know about you. Then you tag people in it so that they know to read it.. and do their own.

I enjoy learning new things about my friends. I like getting these things. But because this one was 25 things about myself, I had a bit of a tough time thinking of interesting facts! My friends’ 25 things were funny and moving and made me think. I am happy to get to know them better. And I finally came up with 25 things.. and then some……..

Here are mine…

1 – Although I have been in love a few times, I’m not sure that I have been with “the love of my life”.. yet. Yes, I believe he is still out there.

2 – Other than cracking my head open, the only bones I broke as a kid was my collar bone – I fell out of bed on a hot summer night and my dad had to take me to the hospital. I was ticked off all summer long because I had to wear a harness thingy and couldn’t swim at the cottage.

3 – When I was 5 I was in the basement with my sister Barb. There was a potato bug and I threatened to step on it (Barb was collecting them… yeah I know.. odd kid). Barb said if I did, she’d hit me with a hammer… I thought she meant a toy one. She hit me over the head with a claw hammer and I went to the hospital. I still remember arriving with a big bandage covered in blood wrapped around my head and the nurse (trying to make me feel better..) said “oh my.. what a pretty headband!” I remember thinking “What an idiot!! I’m injured!” Kids are not stupid. Don’t talk to them like they are.

4 – I love licorice. Red, black, green, purple. I love those licorice allsorts. I am eating licorice right now. My dog also loves licorice.

5 – I was told by a psychic that I was Italian in my most recent past life. I worked in the legal profession but was not a lawyer. In every life I have had an older daughter and a younger son. And in every life I have always put my family first and stayed with “the wrong man”. In this life, I am divorced. I have also apparently already met the man who is my soulmate but we are not supposed to be together just yet. Hopefully soon.

6 – My biggest regret about high school is that I didn’t ever try out for drama or the school play. I was way too shy.

7 – When I was 9 I wanted to be an electrician like my dad. I could splice wires and rewire stuff. I am quite the home handyman.

8 – I took woodshop in high school and Wayne Gretzky’s uncle Ed was my teacher. He got Wayne to come to our school for the 20th anniversary.. and Ed introduced me. Wayne said “would you like my autograph?” I thought he was arrogant and said no. Still kicking myself.

9 – I have met many famous people…. Shania, Joe Cocker, Randy Bachman, Carrie Underwood, Flavor Flav, David Foster, Geddy Lee…. but my sister tops me… she met the Queen.. so did Jodi.. Oh, and Jenn met Princess Diana. They win.

10 – I am one of those people who win stuff. I won a transistor radio when I was 9.. I have won draws, a giant Snoopy, several 50/50 draws, money at the casino, some lottery money… I am certain that at some point I will win something BIG. I am an Aries/Dragon .. apparently we are lucky.

11 – The worst day of my life was in December 1994. I had had a serious car accident November 1, 1994 and fractured my pelvis.. I was 8 weeks pregnant.. they did an ultrasound and the baby was fine. A couple of weeks later, during a regular check up I had another ultrasound in December and my doctor called me December 9 (i think) to tell me the baby was dead. I laid in bed all day crying. I came very close to having a D&C except for Dr. Austrup who thought I still “felt pregnant” and did another test. The baby was fine. His name is Josh and he’s now 13.

12 – When I was 5 and under I used to get up in the morning and leave the house on my tricycle before anyone else was awake. I would go to my friend Julie’s house to call on her.. at 7am. My mother was horrified that I was knocking on their door that early.. but I reassured her.. I didn’t knock.. I would open the mail slot and call “Joooooooooolie……. is you in there….?” I used to also go to the neighbours and sing into their mail slots… I was a weird kid.

13 – My mother made us take piano lessons as kids. I am sorry that she didn’t make me continue.

14 – I still remember all the names of all the boys I had crushes on in grade school.. A couple of them ended up in jail.. I think my taste in men has improved. I hope.

15 – I was on an album when I was in Grade 6. Our school choir cut a record called “Music Unites the World” by the Hamilton International Festival Choir. I have a duet on there called “Was you Ever in Quebec?” with a solo part… I can still sing all the words. I was BORN to be in the music biz.

16 – I have been writing things in my head for years. I am finally putting some of that on paper.

17 – I don’t think I’ve yet reached my full potential.

18 – I am confident that THIS time I will lose the weight and make a lifestyle change, not just diet.

19 – I am extremely loyal and rarely hold a grudge. I am very forgiving. I can cook anything. I am an extremely good cook. I love entertaining and cooking for others.

20 – I did not have many female friends growing up but have developed more “girl” friendships as I’ve gotten older. There are women in my life who I don’t see too much, but they are always in my hearts. Most of them are tagged in this note. xoxox

21 – I find myself highly amusing and laugh at insane things. My sister Barb makes me laugh harder than anyone else. Jodi and Katy a close 2nd and 3rd… tied with Josh…and Carmen. I am surrounded by funny!

22 – The best thing I ever did in my life was have my two kids. They are the coolest human beings I know and I love them more than anything or anyone in the world.

23 – I am a wealth of useless trivial information. I excel at Trivial Pursuit or any kind of pop culture trivia stuff. I wish I could make a career out of it.

24 – I don’t have a “type” when it comes to men. I don’t have a certain “look” that I’m attracted to.. I like smart and funny.. If a guy makes me laugh, I find that sexier than pretty much anything. I had a HUGE crush on Steve Martin as a kid and loved SCTV. I love Will Ferrell, David Letterman, Mitch Hedberg and Greg Behrendt. I love comedy.

25 – I have a tattoo at the top of my back.. It’s an Aries symbol.. I am getting another tattoo soon – it will be the chinese character for “Dragon” as I am a dragon in chinese astrology. There are 3 people I want to get tattoos with.. Katy, Jodi and the man of my dreams…

This list really made me think a lot… and I’m anxious to see other peoples’ “25 things”.. However, I kept thinking about things afterward.. so for blogging purposes, I’ve added some more…

26 – I believe in God. I also believe that God answers every prayer. Just sometimes he says no. I also hope that God is a fat, black lesbian. That’ll teach the skinheads and the KKK.

27 – My grandfather died when I was five and my grandmother came to live with us until I was in grade 6 – then she went to live with my aunts in California. I was 20 my grandmother came back to live with us, or rather, to die with us. She was very ill with cancer. She came in January and died shortly after my 21st birthday. For days we knew she was going, but I knew that she wouldn’t die until I left the house. I went out for about an hour and I KNEW when she passed. I still miss her everyday and I know when she is with me.

28 – I have weird dreams that sometimes tell me things.. I’ve had many weird psychic dreams that have come true. I also used to read Tarot cards but it freaked me out to tell people bad things so I’ve let it go. When I was five my grandfather was sick and I made him a get well card. My parents didn’t take it to the hospital and I KNEW he’d never get it. He died that night.

29 – When I was a kid I thought that people kept growing and growing until they were giants. It did not occur to me that my grandfather was shorter than my dad.

30 – I explained sex to my sisters with Barbie and Ken dolls.

31 – When I was about 9 I found all the Christmas presents in my parents’ closet in a suit case. Every Thursday night my parents would go bowling and the babysitter thought I was the most well behaved kid ever as I would go upstairs and keep to myself. In reality, I was taking all the Barbies out of the boxes, playing with them, and putting them back before my parents got home. I was busted when I told the neighbourhood kids that Santa was really your parents.

32 – I like to phone people (mostly Jodi) and play random songs for them over the phone when they come on the radio. Today, for example, she was thrilled when I called to play for her “Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Jodi puts the FUNK in Funky Bunch.

33 – My sister and I used to tell people that our grandfather invented Special K.. and that the “K” stood for Kubilius (my maiden name) .. but they shortened it to K cause Kubilius was too long to fit on the box. We also like to tell people our dad was the Amazing Kreskin.

34 – I have had a headache for 27 years. I have had several head injuries including slamming my head into the bottom of my parents’ pool and ever since have had a headache. I’ve had to have a doctor come to the house to give me shots of morphine. For years I was dependant upon narcotics to the point where I could easily take 100 codeine pills in a month (equivalent to T3’s).. I quit the pills a few years ago and just “suck it up” every day. Most days I am fine.. but the headaches vary in intensity. My doctor says I’m qualified to get legal pot. I’m not a fan, so I’ve never gone ahead and done it.

35 – Some of my favourite times are in the car, singing with my kids.. There are some songs on which we take turns singing harmony.. It’s fun.

36 – For years, I told people (from the time I was a kid) that I was allergic to horses because I was afraid of them. And then I didn’t have to go into the horse barn at the Simcoe Fair.

37 – I am still friends with pretty much every guy I’ve ever gone out with. Except maybe 2.

38 – I really want to go to Mexico.

39 – I really like swing and big band music. Sentimental Journey (Les Brown and his band of Renown with special guest vocalist Doris Day) is a fave. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

40- Despite having been married, I’ve never been proposed to.

41 – My favourite flowers are lillies. The ones that smell good.

42 – I am allergic to metal.. I can’t wear earrings, but someone always gives me a pair for Christmas. I say thank you.. as a result, I had to take out my belly ring. Oddly, the nipple ring is fine…..

43 – Other than having my kids, the proudest moment of my life is when I won the award for CCMA’s Record Company person of the Year. I didn’t expect to win. I only had an opening line for my speech.. “There have been very few times in my life where I have been speechless.. unfortunately for all of you people, this isn’t one of them….” DAVID FOSTER told me I was funny and said he was going to use that line. If you ever hear him say it, tell him he owes me royalties.

That’s all I can think of for now.. without giving away too many secrets..
And I’m super interested to see what everyone else reveals..

Life: Things are pretty good.
Love: There’s a boy I like. That’s all I can say.
Pants: Starting back hard core tomorrow….

One response to “25 (ok, more than 25..) things you may or may not have wanted to know about me…….

  1. #12 made me laugh out loud. I can see you doing that.

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