What is the Proper Etiquette When you Accidentally Flash your Neighbour..??

This is merely a rhetorical question. For arguments sake.

I mean.. SAY you got home from the Y, and it’s later in the afternoon … and then you take a shower. So, it’s winter and all.. so by the time you are OUT of the shower, it’s dark outside.
So, y’know, say then IN THEORY you would want to change into something comfy, cause y’know, it’s evening by this point.. and all you’re gonna do is hang out and watch Idol anyway.

So LOGICALLY, you’re going to put on some comfies or pyjamas, right? Sure ya are. But in order to do this, you must take off what you have on… say, a bathrobe.

So you take off the bathrobe and fuss around at your dresser which is located, oh, say… next to the window. And you look for your comfy black stretchy pants. And some cozy socks… and then, say, a good sleeping shirt. And then you put it on.. and decide that IS NOT the shirt you wanted, so remove it and put on another shirt.. say, in the vicinity of aforementioned window.
This shirt is comfy. It will do nicely. At this point you hear whistling from outside and some “woohoos”. So then you look toward the window and notice that the blind is up, say, about a foot or so.

Oh my.

At this point your choices are obvious… pull the blind and dive into bed never to be seen or heard from again or look out to see who is “woohooing”. Let’s say you pick “B”… and you look outside to see some man bundled up in his ski jacket, toque and all.. just out for a walk with the dog.. when he came upon the “free show”. He then proceeds to give you the thumbs up. 2 in fact. One for each of the girls.

So, my question is…. what is the proper etiquette? What if you aren’t sure which neighbour he is? Does this now make you friends, having shared such an intimate moment? Should you invite him in for a drink now that he has confirmed that they are real and they are fabulous? Shouldn’t he have least bought you dinner? Or at least get his name?

Tough to say. Perhaps all you can do is make sure your blinds are down fully from this point forward. But again, this was merely a rhetorical question. A social experiment, as you will.

I hope it’s the guy with the snowblower. I think he owes me.

Life: Things is ok.
Love: That was the most action I’ve gotten in many many months. No, it was not “good for me”.
Pants: Thankfully, I don’t think he saw below waist level.

3 responses to “What is the Proper Etiquette When you Accidentally Flash your Neighbour..??

  1. I think the cool thing to do in this case would be to have taken a bow, leaned out of the window and shouted “Your turn!”

  2. I am without speech.

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