Things Could Always be Worse…

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that things could always be worse… It’s tough to buy into some times, especially when the really bad stuff happens, but I still think it’s true.

I have had several occasions in my life where there was a chance I could have died. There was always that possibility… but for whatever reason, a couple more inches to the left or what have you.. and I walked away. For example.. here are some of the things that have happened to me. I used to look at the culmination of these as “bad luck” or being “jinxed” .. but eventually came to look at it as I was “lucky” or perhaps even “blessed” .. cause after all, I could not be here writing this drivel right now if not for some good luck…..

  • I’ve had several head injuries including falling off the edge of the tub and cracking my head open at age 3 and being hit over the head with a claw hammer at age 5 because I stepped on a potato bug…
  • When I was 5, I took my dad’s shotgun outside to scare some neighbour boys (they were ON MY FENCE.) this could indeed have been tragic had my dad not been the kind of guy to store ammo elsewhere..
  • Again at 5 (it was a very busy year…) I walked several miles to go see a birds nest. Then on the way home, I hitchhiked, got a ride and the couple drove me home. You see how this could have possibly turned me into a statistic.
  • Fell out of a shopping cart at age 8- another head injury.
  • When I was 6 weeks pregnant with my son, I was in a serious car accident and had to be cut out of the car. Luckily I did not lose him. I did fracture my pelvis and it was extremely painful (no drugs either) and awful and I walked with a cane for a while. But on the bright side, I got really really fat!!
  • When my son was born I had to have an emergency C-section.. apparently I nearly bled out.. he nearly died. He was born with 2 collapsed lungs and had to be in NICU for a while. He’s now 13 and a half, taller than me and a smart and super funny kid. This is what I call a miracle. He was worth getting fat for.
  • A couple summers ago my friend Jenn and I were on Hwy 93 headed to Midland when a steel recycling truck plowed into the back of the van were were in. When I saw it in the rear view I thought it was a train. The EMS crew were surprised to see us walk away from it. We were mostly shaken up and I still have some nerve damage in my left arm from it. But we’re not dead.

Which leads me to this… things could always be worse. No, seriously. I have given this a great deal of thought. All of these situations could certainly have been far more tragic than they were… I could have been killed on a couple of occasions if the circumstances had been just SLIGHTLY different… I could have possibly killed someone else. Or I could have been much more seriously injured. Any of these could have been far worse than they were. And let me tell you, some of these were pretty bad.

Now that I have sufficiently depressed everyone… aw, it’s okay. Don’t feel bad.. *hugs* I’m fine..

Anyway, to get back on track.. Right now, I could look at what my situation is right now and be thoroughly depressed. I mean, I’m forty fuckin’ four, single and without viable prospects, I haven’t had a date in forever, slightly overweight, unemployed… living in a town I don’t particularly care for… trying to sell a house in a buyers’ market. Oh hell, never mind… my situation DOES suck! I am pathetic!! Please pass me a big bottle of white and a LARGE glass….

So I remind myself.. this COULD be worse. HOW you ask? Well, I have a lot of positives in my life. I have two amazing children. They are both super talented, smart, hilariously funny, good looking and lovable. They have (for the most part) retained the “good” qualities of their parents and not as many of the “bad” ones.. I hope. I have a wonderful family… My parents are awesome, my sisters and their families are fun, wonderful people. I know so many people who either don’t have family or are not close with them.. Like, we are not the Cleavers or that family with the 18 kids on TLC, but we all love one another and for the most part get along, so it’s cool.

I have some pretty freakin’ cool friends who love me. I have a roof over my head, a new car, money to get me through till I get a new gig. I currently have the luxury of taking some time off.

I mean, I haven’t had to resort to prostitution (although this would take care of my lack of dates issue.. joking,,. I’m joking,..) or worse yet, sell used cars.. I have some serious mad skillz and have actually turned down some jobs so far. So it’s all good. Things work out the way they are supposed to…. I hope. LOL. But hey, could be worse…. I’m not dead.

Life: Just living the dream, baby…

Love: No comment.

Pants: This part is going well.. Have been working out regularly and I’m making progress. Still not a HUGE fan.. but getting there.

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